Huilin Ye
Co-authors: Zhiqiang Shen, Weikang Xian, Teng Zhang, Shan Tang and Ying Li
Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Connecticut

OpenFSI: A highly efficient and portable fluid-structure simulation package implemented in LAMMPS

A highly efficient and portable fluid-structure interaction (FSI) simulation package, so-call OpenFSI has been developed based on LAMMPS. Within this package, the structure dynamics is accounted by a lattice model (LM) implemented in framework of LAMMPS, which demonstrates the same accuracy of finite element analysis (FEA), but higher efficiency. The fluid flow is resolved by using the Lattice Boltzmann method and coupled with LM through immersed boundary technique. The OpenFSI package is found to have excellent linear scalability up to 8192 processors, therefore endowing the possibility to efficiently solve large scale FSI problems and unveil the underlying physical mechanisms.