Title: Indentation and Scratch Tests with LAMMPS in Nanoscale

Presenter: Sadri Sen* and Turgay Korkut**

Affiliation: *Ataturk University, Fac. Of Eng., Dept. Of Mech. Eng., Erzurum-TURKEY; **Agri Cecen University, Fac. Of Science, Dept. Of Physics, Agri –TURKEY

Abstract: Surface coatings from nanonmeters to several hundred micrometers are an important approach to changing surface properties for the requirements of a given application. They are widely used in major industrial areas including sensors, energy saving coatings for solar devices, absorbers/reflectors/emitters, cutting and forming tools, protective environment-resistant or decorative coatings, and information storage and micro-electronic devices. Surface coatings modified by ion or laser treatment will also be of great importance to the future of industrial technology.

It is very important to know coating behavior in advance under working conditions, so that designs can be done safely. Because if a coating fails, its function may be deteriorated. In coated systems, bonding properties of coating to substrate play a crucial role in the reliability of products to which they are applied. An obvious way to understand coating behavior is to apply indentation and scratch tests on nanoscale. These techniques are widely used for understanding coating behavior and obtained mechanical properties of thin coating. In this study, application of indentation and scratch tests of one and two layer coatings on a substrate were modeled by LAMMPS. To be realistic, materials and lattice of the coatings and substrate were chosen different. In the solutions, the load as displacement for indentation and scratch were defined with variable command in LAMMPS and was applied in loop-next. In addition, the model used in the solution was created in 3D. We are trying to combine our atomic solution with finite element method(FEM) using LAMMPS’ atc module.