Title: Green-Kubo simulations of Li+ transport in organic solvents

Presenter: Donald Ward

Affiliation: Sandia National Laboratories

Abstract: Li+ batteries have become an industry standard for many commonly used electronics including cellphones and laptops. Li+ batteries have many advantages including recharge ability, high power density, and low toxicity. Yet, there is still a lot of room for potential improvement. By optimizing the electrolyte material a batteries’ life and power can still improve greatly. With a vast catalogue of potential electrolyte materials, modeling can assist in narrowing the list of effective electrolytes. Molecular dynamics is one method that could elucidate the mechanisms responsible for Li+ transport properties through the electrolyte. Here we explore transport properties of Li+ and O2 in electrolytes consisting of propylene- and ethylene-carbonate solvents. Two different models are used to describe the interactions of the bonded carbonates, a fully rigid model and a flexible model. Using Green-Kubo techniques the effects of electrolyte composition, temperature, and ion concentration are explored. In addition to the transport properties, the molecular structure of the solvation shells is also explored.

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