Title: Lammpsfe - user interface for LAMMPS

Presenter: Valeriu Smiricinschi

Affiliation: Scifes Inc.

Abstract: Lammpsfe - stands for LAMMPS frontend. It is a user interface specifically created for LAMMPS, consisting of GUI for creating LAMMPS input scripts and MDViewer (3D viewer+ movie maker) for LAMMPS output visualization. It runs on Linux, Mac, and Windows. The MDViewer, which is based on the latest OpenGL-technology, includes such capabilities as viewing several millions of atoms as well as looking at LAMMPS trajectories with changing numbers of atoms/molecules.

Lammpsfe is designed to enhance user experience with LAMMPS and also makes it easy for the beginners to learn and use LAMMPS. Based on Lammpsfe users’ feedback Scifes Inc presents and discusses the following insights that we hope will be of general interest for the LAMMPS community: 1) Users’ wishes on LAMMPS input & output 2) What beginners need on a content side 3) Using LAMMPS for education - making teaching LAMMPS easy 4) Demand for remote cloud computing & content database

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