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[lammps-users] Use "read_dump" multiple times
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[lammps-users] Use "read_dump" multiple times

From: Yidong Xia <yidongxia@...24...>
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2018 10:37:37 -0600

Did anyone use "read_dump" multiple times to read a number of LAMMPS dump files where each file contain one snapshot?

Recently I found that only the 1st "read_dump" added atoms into the system; the rest of "read_dump" did not add atoms even though I used "add yes" keyword. I've pasted one example here

region          box block ${xlo} ${xhi} ${ylo} ${yhi} ${zlo} ${zhi}
create_box      3 box

read_dump       out.100.dump  100 x y z box no add yes
read_dump       out.500.dump  500 x y z box no add yes

Another situation is, if I have "read_data" before "read_dump" at first, then none of the "read_dump" could actually add atoms in the system

# the simulation box is already large enough to include all atoms in dump files

read_data       LAMMPS_data1.dat
read_data       LAMMPS_data2.dat add append

read_dump       out.100.dump  100 x y z box no add yes 
read_dump       out.500.dump  500 x y z box no add yes

​wonder if my setup is not right? Thanks for any feedback​