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[lammps-users] problem in fix indent
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[lammps-users] problem in fix indent

From: Vijay Reddy <vijay00vegeta@...24...>
Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2018 19:28:02 +0530

Dear all,

I have tried to simulate the indentation of metallic Ni alloy using fix indent. However, I want to keep the indenter at a fixed position and move the specimen toward the indenter using move linear command. But in this case, the indentation doesn't occur.

If the process is reversed, i.e. the specimen is fixed and the indenter is linearly moved, there is absolutely no problem. Indentation occurs.

I need to fix the indenter and move the specimen. Can someone help me with some suggestions.

The relevant section of the code is given below:

# indenter position and radius at onset of loading

fix         4 mobile indent 1000.0 sphere 60 60 122 25 units box

fix 5 mobile move linear 0 0 5 units box

thermo       500

thermo_style    custom step temp c_new v_z v_disp1 f_4[1] f_4[2] f_4[3] 

dump         1 all atom 10 AlNiCo_interface_dump.indent8_3d_unload.dump*.lammpstrj

run 50000

After running this code, a warning message shows:

One or more atoms are time integrated more than once (../modify.cpp:266)

With Thanks and Regards,
K Vijay Reddy