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[lammps-users] how is this *.eam.alloy-file in setfl format?
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[lammps-users] how is this *.eam.alloy-file in setfl format?

From: Frank Zack <frankzack123@...664...>
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2017 00:13:24 +0000 (UTC)

I'd like to use an eam-potential I found on Interatomic Potentials Repository Project

This one:Zhakhovskii, V. V., N. A. Inogamov, Y. V. Petrov, S. I. Ashitkov, and K. Nishihara (2009), Molecular dynamics simulation of femtosecond ablation and spallation with different interatomic potentials, Applied Surface Science, 255(24), 9592–9596. DOI: 10.1016/j.apsusc.2009.04.082 

The description says its in setfl format. And actually lammps doesn't complain as well
Hower, it really doesn't look like all the other eam.alloy potentials in my lammps folders. 
According to there should be 3 sections for a single-element potential.

Following the three header lines are three arrays of tabulated values:
But the potential has only a single section with 5 is how it looks
! EAM potential for Al from the original analytical potential in file Al-EAM-Zhak1 of 2 October 2007.
! Vasily V. Zhakhovsky: 6asi1z@...765... The potential is fitted by stress-matching method upto compression V/V0=0.3
! bulk modulus B=81.57 GPa at (P=0,T=0).  See details in Appl. Surf. Sci., vol.255, pp. 9592-9596 (2009)
           1  Al  3.36069 ! cohesive energy [eV] to check
  8193   6.7138671875E-04  8193   8.392333984375E-04   6.875
13   26.9815384   4.032  fcc
 0.0000000000000000E+00 -6.3980610815881616E-03 -1.2780087746439362E-02 -1.9146131609598164E-02 -2.5496244064162111E-02
-3.1830476282473409E-02 -3.8148879217302950E-02 -4.4451503603026750E-02 -5.0738399956794779E-02 -5.7009618579692320E-02
-6.3265209557893928E-02 -6.9505222763809896E-02 -7.5729707857225548E-02 -8.1938714286432998E-02 -8.8132291289356054E-02
-9.4310487894667575E-02 -1.0047335292289995E-01 -1.0662093498754849E-01 -1.1275328249616762E-01 -1.1887044365146048E-01
-1.2497246645236110E-01 -1.3105939869511032E-01 -1.3713128797432445E-01 -1.4318818168405720E-01 -1.4923012701885524E-01
-1.5525717097480685E-01 -1.6126936035058384E-01 -1.6726674174847725E-01 -1.7324936157542620E-01 -1.7921726604404065E-01
-1.8517050117361730E-01 -1.9110911279114950E-01 -1.9703314653233064E-01 -2.0294264784255128E-01 -2.0883766197789014E-01
-2.1471823400609871E-01 -2.2058440880758026E-01 -2.2643623107636177E-01 -2.3227374532106085E-01 -2.3809699586584576E-01
-2.4390602685139035E-01 -2.4970088223582243E-01 -2.5548160579566631E-01 -2.6124824112677997E-01 -2.6700083164528560E-01
-2.7273942058849571E-01 -2.7846405101583172E-01 -2.8417476580973894E-01 -2.8987160767659403E-01 -2.9555461914760800E-01
-3.0122384257972362E-01 -3.0687932015650665E-01 -3.1252109388903221E-01 -3.1814920561676563E-01 -3.2376369700843777E-01

Is this really a setfl-format potential? If so, what do the columns correspond to?
Best regards,