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[lammps-users] Finding LAMMPS Source Code
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[lammps-users] Finding LAMMPS Source Code

From: MASATO KOIZUMI <mkoizumi@...3709...>
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2017 09:59:57 -0800

Dear LAMMPS Users,

Hello LAMMPS Users. I am planning to add a new command to LAMMPS. I was searching through the LAMMPS documentation and I see that  "The best way to add a new feature is to find a similar feature in LAMMPS and look at the corresponding source and header files to figure out what it does."

Can anyone guide me to the location of a source and header file in the LAMMPS package? I am running the LAMMPS_64-bit_20170127 version on Windows 10.

If there are no sources included in the windows installer package, I would greatly appreciate if anyone can advice me on where to start.

Thank you in advance.


Masato Koizumi