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[lammps-users] Pair_coeff error
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[lammps-users] Pair_coeff error

From: Rajdeep Behera <rajdeepbehera87@...24...>
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2017 19:30:45 -0400

I'm using the following commands in Lammps 11Aug2017 version of precompiled windows 

pair_style eam/fs  
pair_coeff * * Fe_2.eam.fs Fe Fe Fe Fe Fe

But, I get an error syaing that

 "ERROR: Incorrect args for pair coefficients (../pair_eam_fs.cpp:52)
Last command: pair_coeff        * * Fe_2.eam.fs Fe Fe Fe Fe Fe"

Although, these commands run perfectly in Lammps 17Nov2016.
Is there anything changed in the new version?