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[lammps-users] [lammps-user] learning resources required
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[lammps-users] [lammps-user] learning resources required

From: sumit nagar <sn971489@...24...>
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2017 15:00:08 +0530


The trouble that i am facing is infact very correct i don't have prerequisite knowledge about molecular dynamics .I will read and understand it from "Understanding molecular dynamics simulations -from algorithm to applications " by Frenkel and smit .I would like to know that apart from "Examples" directory in the installation folder and couple of links like mentioned below

Are there any other helping hands for understanding lammps .The main problem that i face is sequence of commands that i need to put in a script which command should follow which commands ?

I am trying to read  all 2000 pages of the documentation but i cannot seem to remember all the commands .This remains a problem selecting which command should follow which command .Is there any chronological order which we can follow and can select from the various commands .

Sumit ,Nagar
M.Tech (Production engg)
B.E (Production and Ind Engg)
MCSA 70-290 ,SQL (Oracle z -007)
ITIL certified ,MCAD 70-306
GATE 2006,2013