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[lammps-users] [lammps-Users] Conversion from VMD to Lammps
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[lammps-users] [lammps-Users] Conversion from VMD to Lammps

From: sumit nagar <sn971489@...24...>
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2017 11:57:23 +0530


I have created graphene structure from VMD software and then converted it to lammps file by "topo writelammpsdata command" .The sample file is attached herewith which contains the entire information .This can be   modified file as information about "angles" "dihedrals" ,"bonds" and "improper" can be deleted from it. I am getting "Unexpected end of data file" error  while trying to read it by read_data command .
If the file is read without deleting the contents it says "no bonds allowed with this atom style" .
Can you please tell me why this happens ?

Sumit ,Nagar
M.Tech (Production engg)
B.E (Production and Ind Engg)
MCSA 70-290 ,SQL (Oracle z -007)
ITIL certified ,MCAD 70-306
GATE 2006,2013

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