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[lammps-users] dpd-SSA example
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[lammps-users] dpd-SSA example

From: Nitish Singh <nitish.singh11112222@...24...>
Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2017 17:48:36 +0530

Dear LAMMPS users,

Can anyone please suggest that how to calculate configuration energy of dpd fluid in LAMMPS. Is configurational energy and potential energy is the same thing?
I am trying to calculate configurational energy by modifying dpd SSA example in LAMMPS June 2016 version (in UNBUNTU) for isthothermal conditions. Following is the input file

# Input File for DPD fluid under isothermal conditions using the VV-SSA integration scheme
log             log.dpd-lj7
boundary        p p p

units           lj 
atom_style      dpd   # Can be either dpd or atomic
region 1 block 0 15 0 15 0 15 units box
create_box 1 1
create_atoms 1 random 10125 2222 NULL

comm_modify     mode single vel yes
mass            1 1

pair_style      dpd/fdt 1 2.5 234324
pair_coeff      1 1 62.5 3 2.5

neighbor        0.2 bin
neigh_modify    every 1 delay 0 check no once no

timestep        0.01

thermo          100

thermo_style    custom step temp press pe ke etotal
thermo_modify   format float %15.10f

fix             1 all shardlow
fix             2 all nve

run             5000

I took the parameters from the following paper
Dissipative particle dynamics at isothermal, isobaric, isoenergetic, and isoenthalpic conditions using Shardlow-like splitting algorithms.