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[lammps-users] use of stdin input for "interactive" lammps runs
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[lammps-users] use of stdin input for "interactive" lammps runs

From: "Ryan S. Elliott" <relliott@...1049...>
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2017 10:24:45 -0500 (CDT)


I'm interested to know if anyone is using the following "feature" of lammps?

If lammps is invoked such that it reads input from the stdin stream, then it is possible have a program work "interactively" with the running lammps executable. For example, the program could keep the stdin stream open, send commands to lammps, and wait for some flag in the output to indicate that lammps has completed the supplied commands. Then, the program could act on the output results and send lammps additional input on the (still) open stdin stream... This would avoid the overhead of "starting up" lammps multiple times.

I'm wondering if this mode of usage is common, rarely used, or not used at all.

I ask because (as part of the OpenKIM project) we are considering a scenario where lammps would read the entire input script on launch and perform some preprocessing of the script before it executes any of the script. (This is incompatible with the "interactive" usage mode described above as it would cause lammps to simply wait forever for the stdin stream to be closed.)