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[lammps-users] lost atom error
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[lammps-users] lost atom error

From: SHABNAM GHAHREMANIAN <ghahremanian@...3285...>
Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2017 16:58:51 +0430

‚Äč Hi Dear all

I want to simulate a nano-channel and use the fix boundary condition in the z direction as follows:

boundary        p p f

I use the thermo_modify  lost ignore  after the thermo_style  command,

timestep     0.005
thermo         200
thermo_style     custom step temp press

dump         1 all xyz 100
dump             2 all movie 50 movie.mpg type type zoom 1 size 1280 720 box yes 0.01

thermo_modify   lost ignore 

run         1000000

but I still encounter "lost atom" error

What is the problem?

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