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[lammps-users] A basic question on using lamps dump files
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[lammps-users] A basic question on using lamps dump files

From: Richard Gustafson <gustafson_rm@...1303...>
Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2017 15:43:04 -0500

I have a very basic question on dump files.  I find references in various visualization packages to “lammpa dump files”.  However, when I search “dump files” in the Lammps documentation, I am directed to the dump command, which really seems to be an operation to create anyone of a number of files of different types and options.  For instance with a dump command, you can create atom, cfg,custom, .dcd. and other file options, some with no options, some with many.  It looks like which the format of a “dump file” varies, starting with a type of file, and offering various output options.  So, when a visualization program states it reads “LAMMPS dump files”,  with no additional explanation, are they referring to a specific format from the dump command, something else, or is it a vague reference? Specifically, I am trying to use OVITO to look at trajectory files., and also Atomeye.    I have a bunch of .dcd files.  Neither OVITO not Atomeye.  Both can read .cfg files.   Dcd files are binary and machine or system dependent.  Therefore I think it needs to be transformed to something else.   Is there any program than can read a .dcd file and convert it to something else, e.g. a .cfg file?  I am assuming you would have to run it (e.g. Python), or compile ti form source code and create a system specific program to perform the conversion for the binary file to be read. If there isn’t one, is the only way to get one is to write one from interpreting the LAMMPS source code for the two files types?