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[lammps-users] Position Available
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[lammps-users] Position Available

From: "Gregory A. Voth" <gavoth@...2045...>
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2017 17:17:31 +0000


Dear Colleague,


There is the possibility of two postdoc positions in my group, subject to the qualifications and experience of the applicants, as well as the final availability of funding.  


The first postdoc position will involve the development of coarse-grained (CG) simulation software in the LAMMPS MD code environment. Significant experience with MD simulation as well as the programming related to it is required.


The second project will involve simulations of complex membranes and proteins/peptides interacting with them, at both the all-atom and coarse-grained levels. Experience with MD simulation is required, and preferably also with free energy sampling techniques such as umbrella sampling, replica exchange, and metadynamics.


Please ask any interested student in your group to contact me by email.


Best wishes,





Gregory A. Voth, Ph.D.

Haig P. Papazian Distinguished Service Professor

Department of Chemistry, James Franck Institute, and Institute for Biophysical Dynamics


Department of Chemistry

The University of Chicago

5735 S. Ellis Avenue

Chicago, Illinois 60637

Phone: 773-702-9092

Fax: 773-795-9106

Administrative Assistant: 773-702-9096

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