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[lammps-users] I fix the sph-multiphase + some extra question
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[lammps-users] I fix the sph-multiphase + some extra question

From: Quang Ha <quang.t.ha.20@...24...>
Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2017 12:32:35 -0400

Hi all,

During my google-fu weeks of desperation, I came across a multiphase implementation for LAMMPS/USER-SPH (yay!). Yet I didn't realise it was about 3 years old (nay...) so I spent about 3 days trying to fix it (due to mainly my inexperience... looking back what I have done should only be 30 minutes max... I paid a huge stupidity tax here).

I have the code compiling and working here atĀ which was inherited mainly fromĀ While yes it works for me, I know that it would be great if I can contribute to the documentation of USER-SPH to help other users as well. This brings me to two questions:

1) Say if I want to merge my fork to the main git, should I fix up something? There should be a lot of code-style/file structures that you guys want to stick to.

2) Does anyone have some form of documentation for the examples in the multiphase code? Running the LAMMPS code give me some form of bubble nucleation and bubble formation on wall. While the gif and video is really cool (BOO YA!!!) I struggle to understand the equation behind the scene (boo nah...). Any seasoned USER-SPH could kindly provide me toward some good direction? Even something as trivial as "How you go from SPH formulation to LAMMPS code"? (yes this question is something for me to figure out I believe so, but I have been getting to the depressing zone and some enlightenment would save this poor soul from committing sudoku.)

Many thanks,