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[lammps-users] How to calculate: J-integral, strain energy release rate, and crack size?
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[lammps-users] How to calculate: J-integral, strain energy release rate, and crack size?

From: Mohammad Reza Zamani Kouhpanji <mrzamani@...5933...>
Date: Tue, 4 Jul 2017 04:13:32 +0000

Hello Everyone,

I am a beginner using the LAMMPS for modeling crack propagation in 2D materials. In my simulation, I would like to calculate the J-integral, the crack size, and the strain energy release rate at each time step. I developed an input file which is mainly similar to the crack example of the LAMMPS. I will be so thankful if someone help me with the following questions:

1- How can I calculate the j-integral at each time step using the LAMMPS?

2- How can I calculate the strain energy release rate at each step using the LAMMPS?

Note, as you may know, the strain energy release rate is the amount of energy dissipated during fracture per unit of newly created fracture surface area.

3- What is the best technique to accurately find the crack size? Does the LAMMPS calculate it (if yes, please let me know the command)? or Do I need to visualize the simulation results in a visualization software and then find the crack size?

I looked in the LAMMPS' manual and some web searches. I saw some partial answers for my questions which are not clear for me at all. Unfortunately, because I am a new user, I cannot implement them as well. I really appreciate it if someone, please, writes and explains the command lines that I need to add into my input file for calculating those three parameters.

Thank you so much in advance.




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