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[lammps-users] Metal based nanofluid thermal conductivity through MD
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[lammps-users] Metal based nanofluid thermal conductivity through MD

From: Zeeshan Ahmed <zeeshan.ahmed@...5589...>
Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2017 17:58:05 +0530

Dear All,

Many researchers till date have done the MD simulation on metal based nanofluid to determine its transport properties. However through MD, electronic contribution of metal to the enhanced thermal conductivity is nullified as MD can only capture the lattice contribution towards the enhancement. But in metals main carriers are electrons not phonons. So while calculating the thermal conductivity, phonon contribution is less than electron. So according to me while simulating the real system,we should consider the electronic contribution as in real life the picture is different. 

1) Are the results published in very good journals with metal nanofluid on enhanced thermal conductivity reliable? 

2) Can we just simply  ignore the electronic effect and just see the phonon contribution?

3) How accurate our system properties are when we ignored electronic contribution in calculating thermal properties of metal based nanofluid?

It will be of great help for my understanding. Thank you in advance!

Zeeshan Ahmed
PhD Student (Mechanical Engineering)