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[lammps-users] Problem installing lammps-1Feb14 in Ubuntu 16.04
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[lammps-users] Problem installing lammps-1Feb14 in Ubuntu 16.04

From: Carlos Azael Alvarez Zambrano <calvarez@...6950...>
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2017 19:28:55 -0300

Dear LAMMPS users,

I am a new user in lammps and I am trying to install a previous version, lammps-1Feb14, on my computer. It uses Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, 64-bit. I have tried to create a make file, in accordance with lammps documentation (, but I din not to get to work it. Can someone help me with this issue? Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks in advance.


Carlos A. Alvarez Z.
Ph.D. Student
School of Mechanical Engineering
University of Campinas - UNICAMP