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[lammps-users] Problem using compute force/tally on multiple processors
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[lammps-users] Problem using compute force/tally on multiple processors

From: Srilok Srinivasan <srilok@...258...>
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2017 14:53:06 -0500

Hello Lammps users,

I have two groups of atom in my system and I am trying to find the force experienced by each atom in one group due to all the atoms in the other group using compute force/tally. The interaction between the two groups is modelled by 12-6 LJ potential

I am using the latest lammps-master version from github. My code runs fine in serial. However when I run it in parallel in the cluster, it does not output anything after the first thermo output. The simulations seems to hang and nothing happens till my job runs out of time. I don't have this problem when I remove the compute commands.

I am not sure why I am having this problem. Can you help me fix this?

Below is the last few lines of the output I get
  (4) neighbor class addition, perpetual
      attributes: full, newton on
      pair build: full/bin
      stencil: full/bin/3d
      bin: standard
  (5) neighbor class addition, perpetual, half/full from (4)
      attributes: half, newton on
      pair build: halffull/newton
      stencil: none
      bin: none
Setting up Verlet run ...
  Unit style    : metal
  Current step  : 30562
  Time step     : 0.001
Per MPI rank memory allocation (min/avg/max) = 2.038 | 3.723 | 9.552 Mbytes
Step TotEng E_pair Temp Press Volume c_GrT c_MoS2T v_delT
   30562   -27032.714   -27249.212    341.88517    239.88708      2323377    163.01504    528.35384    -365.3388

Also when I run in serial I have get only 2 lines of following warning corresponding to the 2 incompatible forcefields (tersoff, sw).

WARNING: Compute force/tally used with incompatible pair style (../compute_force_tally.cpp:73)
WARNING: Compute force/tally used with incompatible pair style (../compute_force_tally.cpp:73)

However, when I run in parallel on 128 processors I get 256 lines of the same warning message.

I can provide the code and data files if you require.

I have attached my code below.

read_restart   nve.restart

pair_style     hybrid sw tersoff lj/cut 10
pair_coeff     * * sw mos2.sw NULL Mo S S NULL
pair_coeff     * * tersoff Linsay_Broido_optimized.tersoff C NULL NULL NULL C
pair_coeff     1 3 lj/cut 0.00395 3.625
pair_coeff     1 2 none
pair_coeff     2 5 none
pair_coeff     4 5 lj/cut 0.00395 3.625
pair_coeff     1 4 none
pair_coeff     3 5 none
pair_coeff     1 5 lj/cut 0.00239668 3.414776173
pair_coeff     1 4 none

pair_modify    pair lj/cut compute/tally yes
pair_modify    pair tersoff compute/tally no
pair_modify    pair sw compute/tally no

group          C   type 1
group          Mo   type 2
group          S1   type 3
group          S2   type 4
group          MoS2 type 2 3 4

timestep       0.001

compute        GrT C temp
compute        MoS2T MoS2 temp

compute        F_C_M C     force/tally MoS2  
compute        F_M_C MoS2  force/tally C

variable       delT  equal c_GrT-c_MoS2T

thermo_style   custom step etotal epair temp press vol c_GrT c_MoS2T v_delT

log            log.spectral_k

thermo         100

fix            1 all nve

dump           1 C custom 10 C.atom id type vx vy vz c_F_C_M[1] c_F_C_M[2] c_F_C_M[3]
dump_modify    1 sort id
dump           2 MoS2 custom 10 MoS2.atom id type vx vy vz c_F_M_C[1] c_F_M_C[2] c_F_M_C[3]
dump_modify    2 sort id
run            100000
unfix          1

Thanks for your help.

Srilok Srinivasan
Graduate Student
Mechanical Engineering
Iowa State University, Ames, IA