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[lammps-users] problem in installing
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[lammps-users] problem in installing

From: Neda Rafiee <ne.rafiee@...444...>
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2017 16:01:52 +0430

installing lammps
Neda Rafiee
to lammps-users-request
4 minutes ago
Dear all,
I joined the community of LAMMPS users a few minutes ago and now I am trying to install it on Linux mint17. I followed the instructions in the manual and when I reached the "make mpi" I saw an error telling sth about mpixxx. After that I trried "make serial" and it was done. I also installed all the packages successfully but now that I type "lmp-***" I see an error "there isn't such command". What should I do? Can I install using "sudo apt-get install lammps"?