dynamical_matrix command


dynamical_matrix group-ID style gamma args keyword value ...
  • group-ID = ID of group of atoms to displace

  • style = regular or eskm

  • gamma = finite different displacement length (distance units)

  • one or more keyword/arg pairs may be appended

    keyword = file or binary
      file name = name of output file for the dynamical matrix
      binary arg = yes or no or gzip


dynamical_matrix 1 regular 0.000001
dynamical_matrix 1 eskm 0.000001
dynamical_matrix 3 regular 0.00004 file dynmat.dat
dynamical_matrix 5 eskm 0.00000001 file dynamical.dat binary yes


Calculate the dynamical matrix of the selected group.


The command collects the entire dynamical matrix a single MPI rank, so the memory requirements can be very significant for large systems.

This command assumes a periodic system.

This command is part of the USER-PHONON package. It is only enabled if LAMMPS was built with that package. See the Build package doc page for more info.


The default settings are file = “dynmat.dyn”, binary = no