13.2. Reporting bugs

If you are confident that you have found a bug in LAMMPS, follow these steps.

Check the New features and bug fixes section of the LAMMPS WWW site to see if the bug has already been reported or fixed or the Unfixed bug to see if a fix is pending.

Check the mailing list to see if it has been discussed before.

If not, send an email to the mailing list describing the problem with any ideas you have as to what is causing it or where in the code the problem might be. The developers will ask for more info if needed, such as an input script or data files.

The most useful thing you can do to help us fix the bug is to isolate the problem. Run it on the smallest number of atoms and fewest number of processors and with the simplest input script that reproduces the bug and try to identify what command or combination of commands is causing the problem.


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