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5.7. Compute commands

An alphabetic list of all LAMMPS compute commands. Some styles have accelerated versions. This is indicated by additional letters in parenthesis: g = GPU, i = USER-INTEL, k = KOKKOS, o = USER-OMP, t = OPT.

ackland/atom adf aggregate/atom angle angle/local angmom/chunk
basal/atom body/local bond bond/local centro/atom chunk/atom
chunk/spread/atom cluster/atom cna/atom cnp/atom com com/chunk
contact/atom coord/atom damage/atom dihedral dihedral/local dilatation/atom
dipole/chunk displace/atom dpd dpd/atom edpd/temp/atom entropy/atom
erotate/asphere erotate/rigid erotate/sphere erotate/sphere/atom event/displace fep
force/tally fragment/atom global/atom group/group gyration gyration/chunk
heat/flux heat/flux/tally hexorder/atom improper improper/local inertia/chunk
ke ke/atom ke/atom/eff ke/eff ke/rigid meso/e/atom
meso/rho/atom meso/t/atom msd msd/chunk msd/nongauss omega/chunk
orientorder/atom pair pair/local pe pe/atom pe/mol/tally
pe/tally plasticity/atom pressure pressure/cylinder pressure/uef property/atom
property/chunk property/local ptm/atom rdf reduce reduce/chunk
reduce/region rigid/local saed slice smd/contact/radius smd/damage
smd/hourglass/error smd/internal/energy smd/plastic/strain smd/plastic/strain/rate smd/rho smd/tlsph/defgrad
smd/tlsph/dt smd/tlsph/num/neighs smd/tlsph/shape smd/tlsph/strain smd/tlsph/strain/rate smd/tlsph/stress
smd/triangle/vertices smd/ulsph/num/neighs smd/ulsph/strain smd/ulsph/strain/rate smd/ulsph/stress smd/vol
sna/atom snad/atom snav/atom spin stress/atom stress/mop
stress/mop/profile stress/tally tdpd/cc/atom temp (k) temp/asphere temp/body
temp/chunk temp/com temp/cs temp/deform temp/deform/eff temp/drude
temp/eff temp/partial temp/profile temp/ramp temp/region temp/region/eff
temp/rotate temp/sphere temp/uef ti torque/chunk vacf
vcm/chunk voronoi/atom xrd