On the Possibility of Soft Matter Nanostructure Formation Based on Mesoporous Aluminum Hydroxide. Prospects for Biomedical Applications

AS Lozhkomoev and MI Lerner and AA Tsukanov and SO Kazantsev and OV Bakina and SG Psakhie, PHYSICAL MESOMECHANICS, 20, 134-141 (2017).

DOI: 10.1134/S1029959917020035

The effect of the nonequilibrium structure of 2D aluminum hydroxide- based objects on the macroscopic response (adsorption properties) is studied in the physical mesomechanics framework. Molecular dynamics simulation is performed to examine the nature of selective adsorption of the considered low-dimensional structures. The role of defects and structural elements, such as polar functional groups, is analyzed. Model ions and endotoxin are used to illustrate the selective character of adsorption. Prospects for biomedical applications of the obtained results are discussed.

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