Wetting at the nanoscale: A molecular dynamics study

M Khalkhali and N Kazemi and H Zhang and QX Liu, JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS, 146, 114704 (2017).

DOI: 10.1063/1.4978497

A novel method to calculate the solid-liquid contact angle is introduced in this study. Using the 3D configuration of a liquid droplet on a solid surface, this method calculates the contact angle along the contact line and provides an angular distribution. Although this method uses the 3D configuration of liquid droplets, it does not require the calculation of the 3D density profile to identify the boundaries of the droplet. This decreases the computational cost of the contact angle calculation greatly. Moreover, no presumption about the shape of the liquid droplet is needed when using the method introduced in this study. Using this method, the relationship between the size and the contact angle of water nano-droplets on a graphite substratewas studied. It is shown that the contact angle generally decreases by increasing the size of the nano- droplet. The microscopic contact angle of 83.0 degrees was obtained for water on graphite which is in a good agreement with previous experimental and numerical studies. Neglecting other nanoscale effects which may influence the contact angle, the line tension of SPC/E (extended simple point charge model) water was calculated to be 3.6 x 10(-11) N, which is also in good agreement with the previously calculated values. Published by AIP Publishing.

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