Effect of copper film catalyst substrate thickness on atomic diffusion time at the initiation of the recrystallization stage: a molecular dynamics study

R Marimpul and I Syuhada and A Rosikhin and T Winata, MATERIALS RESEARCH EXPRESS, 4, 034004 (2017).

DOI: 10.1088/2053-1591/aa6242

Copper film growth using thermal evaporation and annealing methods were studied using molecular dynamics simulations. The AlSiMgCuFe modified embedded atom method potential was used to describe the interaction of Cu-Cu, Si-Si and Cu-Si atoms. The annealing process, which was limited to atomic diffusion, repaired the crystal structure of the copper film. Our results showed that the thickness of the copper film catalyst substrate affected the initiation of the recrystallization process. A change of phase transition of copper atoms was observed after annealing. These phenomena were supported by knowledge of the radial distribution function and analysis of the crystal structure.

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