High-Throughput Parallel-I/O using SIONlib for Mesoscopic Particle Dynamics Simulations on Massively Parallel Computers

J Freche and W Frings and G Sutmann, PARALLEL COMPUTING: FROM MULTICORES AND GPU'S TO PETASCALE, 19, 371-378 (2010).

DOI: 10.3233/978-1-60750-530-3-371

The newly developed parallel Input/Output-libray SIONlib is applied to the highly scalable parallel multiscale code MP2C, which couples a mesoscopic fluid method based on multi-particle collision dynamics to molecular dynamics. It is demonstrated that for fluid-benchmark systems, a significant improvement of scalability under production conditions can be achieved. It is shown that for the BlueGene/P architecture at Julich a performance close to the bandwidth capacity of 4.7 GByte/sec can be obtained. The article discusses the ease of use of SIONlib from the point of view of application.

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