Numerical study of the process of plastic deformation localization by an example of high-speed compression of a hollow single crystal cylinder

AI Dmitriev and AY Nikonov and MP Bondar', TECHNICAL PHYSICS, 61, 1619-1625 (2016).

DOI: 10.1134/S1063784216110050

The effect of the crystallographic orientation of a single crystal hollow cylinder on features of creation and evolution of plastic deformation in it under conditions of high-speed axisymmetric load is studied. An advantage of the proposed loading scheme is the simultaneous implementation of all loading variants within the chosen crystallographic base plane of the cylinder and reaching different degrees of deformation over the cross section of the sample. Using the molecular-dynamic modeling, the difference in deformation properties of the loaded sample has been shown depending on the chosen crystallographic orientation of the base plane. Results of the investigation can be used to understand the main mechanisms of the plastic deformation of crystalline bodies.

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