Multi-scale Simulations of Partially Unzipped CNT Hetero-junction Tunneling Field Effect Transistor

L Leem and A Srivastava and SA Li and B Magyari-Kope and G Iannaccone and JS Harris and G Fiori, 2010 INTERNATIONAL ELECTRON DEVICES MEETING - TECHNICAL DIGEST (2010).

Band-to-band Tunneling Field Effect Transistors (TFETs) are emerging as a solution to break classical 60mV/dec sub-threshold slope limit of conventional MOSFETs. In this work, we present for the first time multi- scale simulation results of partially unzipped Carbon Nanotube heterojunction TFET. Compared to the CNT and GNR homojunction TFETs, GNR/CNT heterojunction TFETs demonstrate superior sub-threshold region characteristics - 10(4)x smaller I-off, 61% smaller Subthreshold Swing (SS) which lies in the range of 22 similar to 26mV/dec and the I-V ambipolarity is completely eliminated.

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