The alpha <-> gamma transformation of an Fe1-xCrx alloy: A molecular- dynamics approach

E Sak-Saracino and HM Urbassek, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MODERN PHYSICS C, 27, 1650124 (2016).

DOI: 10.1142/S0129183116501242

Using molecular dynamics (MD) simulation, we study the temperature- induced alpha <-> gamma phase transformation of an Fe0.9Cr0.1 alloy. We find that the austenitic transition temperature is increased with respect to that of an Fe0.9Ni0.1 alloy containing the same concentration of impurity atoms. During the austenitic transformation, heterogeneous nucleation of close-packed (cp) nuclei leads to a polycrystalline structure. The microstructure formed closely resembles that found in pure Fe and in FeNi alloys.

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