Crystal structural and diffusion property in titanium carbides: A molecular dynamics study

YA Lv and WM Gao, MODERN PHYSICS LETTERS B, 30, 1650334 (2016).

DOI: 10.1142/S0217984916503346

Titanium carbides were studied via molecular dynamics simulation to characterize TiCs structures with respect to the carbon diffusion properties in this study. The effect of carbon concentration on atomic structures of titanium carbides was investigated through discussing the structure variation and the radial distribution functions of carbon atoms in titanium carbides. The carbon diffusion in titanium carbides was also analyzed, focusing on the dependence on carbon concentration and carbide structure. Carbon diffusivity with different carbon concentrations was determined by molecular dynamics (MD) calculations and compared with the available experimental data. The simulation results showed an atomic exchange mechanism for carbon diffusion in titanium carbide.

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