Tailoring the properties of acetate-based ionic liquids using the tricyanomethanide anion

LF Lepre and J Szala-Bilnik and AAH Padua and M Traikia and RA Ando and MFC Gomes, PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS, 18, 23285-23295 (2016).

DOI: 10.1039/c6cp04651g

The equilibrium and transport properties of mixtures of two ionic liquids - C(4)C(1)ImOAc and C(4)C(1)ImC(CN)(3) - were determined and interpreted at the molecular level using vibration spectroscopy, NMR and molecular dynamics simulation. The non-ideality of the mixtures C(4)C(1)ImOAc((1-x))C(CN)(3)(x) was characterized by V-E = +0.28 cm(3) mol(-1) (293 K, x = 0.65) and H-E = -2.2 kJ mol(-1) for x = 0.5. These values could be explained by a rearrangement of the hydrogen-bond network of the mixture that favours the interaction of the acetate anion with the imidazolium cation at position C2. The dynamic properties of the mixture are also dramatically influenced by the composition with a decrease of the viscosity and an increase of self-diffusion coefficients of the ions when the amount of tricyanomethanide anion increases in the mixture.

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