Heterogeneous dynamics during yielding of glasses: Effect of aging

GP Shrivastav and P Chaudhuri and J Horbach, JOURNAL OF RHEOLOGY, 60, 835-847 (2016).

DOI: 10.1122/1.4959967

Molecular dynamics computer simulations of a binary Lennard Jones glass under shear are presented. The mechanical response of glassy states having different thermal histories is investigated by imposing a wide range of external shear rates, at different temperatures. The stress- strain relations exhibit an overshoot at a strain of around 0.1, marking the yielding of the glass sample and the onset of plastic flow. The amplitude of the overshoot shows a logarithmic behavior with respect to a dimensionless variable, given by the age of the sample times the shear rate. Dynamical heterogeneities having finite lifetimes, in the form of shear bands, are observed as the glass deforms under shear. By quantifying the spatial fluctuations of particle mobility, we demonstrate that such shearbanding occurs only under specific combinations of imposed shear-rate, age of glass, and ambient temperature. (C) 2016 The Society of Rheology.

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