Nonlocal effect on the nonlinear dynamic characteristics of buckled parametric double-layered nanoplates

Y Wang and FM Li and YZ Wang, NONLINEAR DYNAMICS, 85, 1719-1733 (2016).

DOI: 10.1007/s11071-016-2789-y

The homoclinic phenomena in double-layered nanoplates (DLNP) are investigated. Based on the nonlocal continuum theory, the nonlinear dynamical equations for DLNP subjected to in-plane excitation are derived by double-mode Galerkin truncation. The extended Melnikov method is utilized to discuss the homoclinic phenomena and chaotic motion for the buckled DLNP system. The criterions for the existence of transverse homoclinic orbits are established under different four buckling cases (i.e., the first- and second-type synchronous buckling as well as asynchronous buckling). And the results derived by the above-mentioned analysis are verified by molecular dynamics and Lyapunov exponent spectrum. Small-scale effect on the homoclinic motion is mainly inspected. From the result, it is rather novel that the transversality condition is independent of the nonlinear terms in the equations. This fact means that it is not necessary to distinguish whether the boundaries are movable or immovable for the in-plane parametric excitation DLNP. The parametric regime where homoclinic phenomena appear shrinks with the augment of nonlocal parameter for the first-type synchronous buckling case. However, this trend is just opposite for the other three buckling cases. Finally, it can be seen that homoclinic phenomena more likely occur on Mode I (i.e., lower mode) for the second- type synchronous and asynchronous buckling cases. However, the homoclinic motion for the first-type asynchronous buckling most likely takes place on Mode III.

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