Benchmarking the penetration-resistance efficiency of multilayer graphene sheets due to spacing the graphene layers


DOI: 10.1007/s00339-016-0186-5

In this paper, the penetration-resistance efficiency of single-layer and multilayer graphene sheets has been investigated by means of the multiscale approach. The employed multiscale approach has been implemented by establishing a direct correlation between the finite element method and the molecular dynamics approach and validated by comparing its results with those of the existing experimental works. Since by using numerous techniques, a new class of graphene sheets can be fabricated in which the graphene layers are spaced farther apart (more than the usual distance between layers), this paper has concentrated on the optimal spacing between graphene layers with the goal of improving the impact properties of graphene sheets as important candidates for novel impact-resistant panels. For this purpose, the relative protection (protection with respect to weight) values of graphene sheets were obtained, and it was observed that the relative protection of a single-layer graphene sheet is about 3.64 times that of a 20-layer graphene sheet. This study also showed that a spaced multilayer graphene sheet, with its inter-layer distance being 20 times the usual spacing between ordinary graphene layers, has an impact resistance which is about 20 % higher than that of an ordinary 20-layer graphene sheet. The findings of this paper can be appropriately used in the design and fabrication of future-generation impact-resistant protective panels.

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