Libra: An Open-Source "Methodology Discovery" Library for Quantum and Classical Dynamics Simulations

AV Akimov, JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL CHEMISTRY, 37, 1626-1649 (2016).

DOI: 10.1002/jcc.24367

The "methodology discovery" library for quantum and classical dynamics simulations is presented. One of the major foci of the code is on nonadiabatic molecular dynamics simulations with model and atomistic Hamiltonians treated on the same footing. The essential aspects of the methodology, design philosophy, and implementation are discussed. The code capabilities are demonstrated on a number of model and atomistic test cases. It is demonstrated how the library can be used to study methodologies for quantum and classical dynamics, as well as a tool for performing detailed atomistic studies of nonadiabatic processes in molecular systems. The source code and additional information are available on the Web at to alexeyak/libra/index.html. (C) 2016 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

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