Mechanical properties of graphynes under shearing and bending

LJ Yi and YY Zhang and XQ Feng and TC Chang and J Wang and JK Du and JX Zhou, JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, 119, 204304 (2016).

DOI: 10.1063/1.4952584

Graphynes are the allotrope of graphene. In this work, extensive molecular dynamics simulations are performed on four different graphynes (alpha-, beta-, gamma-, and 6,6,12-graphynes) to explore their mechanical properties (shear modulus, shear strength, and bending rigidity) under shearing and bending. While the shearing properties are anisotropic, the bending rigidity is almost independent of the chirality of graphynes. We also find that the shear modulus and shear fracture strength of graphynes decrease with increasing temperature. The effect of the percentage of the acetylenic linkages on the shear mechanical properties and bending rigidity is investigated. It is shown that the fracture shear strengths and bending rigidities of the four types of graphynes decrease, while the fracture shear strain increases, with increasing percentages of the acetylenic linkages. Significant wrinkling is observed in graphyne under shear strain. The influence of the temperatures and percentages of the acetylenic linkages on the ratio of amplitude-to-wavelength in the wrinkles are examined. Published by AIP Publishing.

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