Discrete breathers in graphane: Effect of temperature

JA Baimova and RT Murzaev and IP Lobzenko and SV Dmitriev and K Zhou, JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL AND THEORETICAL PHYSICS, 122, 869-873 (2016).

DOI: 10.1134/S1063776116040014

The discrete breathers in graphane in thermodynamic equilibrium in the temperature range 50-600 K are studied by molecular dynamics simulation. A discrete breather is a hydrogen atom vibrating along the normal to a sheet of graphane at a high amplitude. As was found earlier, the lifetime of a discrete breather at zero temperature corresponds to several tens of thousands of vibrations. The effect of temperature on the decay time of discrete breathers and the probability of their detachment from a sheet of graphane are studied in this work. It is shown that closely spaced breathers can exchange energy with each other at zero temperature. The data obtained suggest that thermally activated discrete breathers can be involved in the dehydrogenation of graphane, which is important for hydrogen energetics.

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