Molecular dynamics simulations of void coalescence in monocrystalline copper under loading and unloading

XJ Peng and WJ Zhu and KG Chen and XL Deng and YK Wei, JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, 119, 165901 (2016).

DOI: 10.1063/1.4947051

Molecular dynamic calculations are used to examine the anisotropy of voids coalescence under loading and unloading conditions in monocrystalline coppers. In this paper, three typical orientations are investigated, including 100, 110, and 111. The study shows that voids collapse after the shock loading, leaving two disordered regions at the initial voids sites. Voids re-nucleate in the disordered regions and grow by the emission of dislocations on various slip planes. The dislocation motion contributes to local stress relaxation, which causes the voids to expand to certain radius and then coalesce with each other by dislocation emission. Due to the influence of the anisotropy shear field and different slip systems around the voids, the dislocations emit more easily at specific position, which lead to the anisotropy of void coalescence. A two-dimensional analysis model based on a shear dislocation is proposed and it explains the phenomena of void coalescence in the simulations quite well. Published by AIP Publishing.

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