Fabrication of Hybrid Nanostructures via Nanoscale Laser-Induced Reshaping for Advanced Light Manipulation

DA Zuev and SV Makarov and IS Mukhin and VA Milichko and SV Starikov and IA Morozov and II Shishkin and AE Krasnok and PA Belov, ADVANCED MATERIALS, 28, 3087-3093 (2016).

DOI: 10.1002/adma.201505346

Ordered hybrid nanostructures for nanophotonics applications are fabricated by a novel approach via femtosecond laser melting of asymmetric metal-dielectric (Au/Si) nanoparticles created by lithographical methods. The approach allows selective reshaping of the metal components of the hybrid nanoparticles without affecting the dielectric ones and is applied for tuning of the scattering properties of the hybrid nanostructures in the visible range.

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