Thermal conductivity of armchair black phosphorus nanotubes: a molecular dynamics study

F Hao and XB Liao and H Xiao and X Chen, NANOTECHNOLOGY, 27, 155703 (2016).

DOI: 10.1088/0957-4484/27/15/155703

The effects of size, strain, and vacancies on the thermal properties of armchair black phosphorus nanotubes are investigated based on qualitative analysis from molecular dynamics simulations. It is found that thermal conductivity has a remarkable size effect, because of the restricted paths for phonon transport, which is strongly dependent on the diameter and length of the nanotube. Owing to the intensified low- frequency phonons, axial tensile strain can facilitate thermal transport. In contrast, compressive strain weakens thermal transport due to the enhanced phonon scattering around the buckling of the nanotube. In addition, the thermal conductivity is dramatically reduced by single vacancies, particularly those with high defect concentrations.

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