Dynamics of attractive vesicles in shear flow

ZY Deng and D Zhang and LX Zhang, CHINESE JOURNAL OF POLYMER SCIENCE, 34, 623-636 (2016).

DOI: 10.1007/s10118-016-1785-5

A nonequilibrium molecular dynamics (NEMD) method is employed to study the dynamics of two identical vesicles with attractive interactions immersed in shear flow. The dynamics behaviors of attractive vesicles depend on the attractive interactions and the shear rates simultaneously. There are four motion types for attractive vesicles in shear flow: a coupled-tumbling (CTB) motion, a coupled-trembling (CTR) motion, a collision/rotation mixture (CRM) motion and a separated-tank- treading (STT) motion, which are determined by the competition between the shear flow and the attractive interactions. Furthermore, the dynamics behavior of an individual vesicle shows three main motion types such as tumbling, trembling and tank-treading motions, and relies mainly on the shear rates. Meanwhile, comparisons with rigid vesicles for the dynamics behaviors are made, and the collision/rotation mixture (M) motion isn't observed for rigid vesicles.

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