Macrodeformation Twins in Single-Crystal Aluminum

F Zhao and L Wang and D Fan and BX Bie and XM Zhou and T Suo and YL Li and MW Chen and CL Liu and ML Qi and MH Zhu and SN Luo, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 116, 075501 (2016).

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.116.075501

Deformation twinning in pure aluminum has been considered to be a unique property of nanostructured aluminum. A lingering mystery is whether deformation twinning occurs in coarse-grained or single-crystal aluminum at scales beyond nanotwins. Here, we present the first experimental demonstration of macrodeformation twins in single-crystal aluminum formed under an ultrahigh strain rate (similar to 10(6)s(-1)) and large shear strain (200%) via dynamic equal channel angular pressing. Large- scale molecular dynamics simulations suggest that the frustration of subsonic dislocation motion leads to transonic deformation twinning. Deformation twinning is rooted in the rate dependences of dislocation motion and twinning, which are coupled, complementary processes during severe plastic deformation under ultrahigh strain rates.

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