Coupling LAMMPS and the vl3 Framework for Co-Visualization of Atomistic Simulations

S Rizzi and M Hereld and J Insley and P Malakar and ME Papka and T Uram and V Vishwanath, 2016 IEEE 30TH INTERNATIONAL PARALLEL AND DISTRIBUTED PROCESSING SYMPOSIUM WORKSHOPS (IPDPSW), 1038-1042 (2016).

DOI: 10.1109/IPDPSW.2016.26

In this work we perform in-situ visualization of molecular dynamics simulations, which can help scientists to visualize simulation output on-the-fly, without incurring storage overheads. We present a case study to couple LAMMPS, the large-scale molecular dynamics simulation code with vl3, our parallel framework for large-scale visualization and analysis. Our motivation is to identify effective approaches for co- visualization and exploration of large-scale atomistic simulations at interactive frame rates. We propose a system of coupled libraries and describe its architecture, with an implementation that runs on GPU-based clusters. We present the results of strong and weak scalability experiments, as well as future research avenues based on our results.

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