Effect of Adhesion Transfer on the Surface Pattern Regularity in Nanostructuring Burnishing

VP Kuznetsov and SY Tarasov and AY Nikonov and AV Filippov and VV Voropaev and AI Dmitriev, ADVANCED MATERIALS WITH HIERARCHICAL STRUCTURE FOR NEW TECHNOLOGIES AND RELIABLE STRUCTURES 2016, 1783, 020128 (2016).

DOI: 10.1063/1.4966421

In the paper the influence of friction-induced adhesion of metal to the tool on the formation of surface topography under nanostructuring burnishing was studied. A comprehensive approach, including both experimental (optical microscopy and profilometry) and theoretical (computer-aided simulation) methods was used. The results showed a direct connection between values of adhesion strength of materials in contact with the workpiece surface pattern quality caused by the tool movement. Results of the experimental and theoretical study are in good agreement and allow us to identify the reason of regular profile forming during surface burnishing.

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