Self-healing phenomena of graphene: potential and applications

K VijayaSekhar and S Debroy and VPK Miriyala and SG Acharyya and A Acharyya, OPEN PHYSICS, 14, 364-370 (2016).

DOI: 10.1515/phys-2016-0040

The present study investigates the self healing behavior of both pristine and defected single layer graphene using a molecular dynamic simulation. Single layer graphene containing various defects such as preexisting vacancies and differently oriented pre-existing cracks were subjected to uniaxial tensile loading till fracture occurred. Once the load was relaxed, the graphene was found to undergo self healing. It was observed that this self healing behaviour of cracks holds irrespective of the nature of pre-existing defects in the graphene sheet. Cracks of any length were found to heal provided the critical crack opening distance lies within 0.3-0.5 nm for a pristine sheet and also for a sheet with pre-existing defects. Detailed bond length analysis of the graphene sheet was done to understand the mechanism of self healing of graphene. The paper also discusses the immense potential of the self healing phenomena of graphene in the field of graphene based sub-nano sensors for crack sensing.

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