Molecular dynamics simulation of fluid properties by the streamwise oscillation of the solid wall

MM Shan and HJ Dong and F Deng and HP Zhang and XQ Lu, MOLECULAR SIMULATION, 42, 1535-1540 (2016).

DOI: 10.1080/08927022.2016.1221070

In this paper, the hydrodynamics of streamwise wall oscillations on a Couette flow are studied using the molecular dynamics method. Firstly, based on the two-dimensional Couette flow model which is made up of copper wall and argon fluid, the characters of the fluid near the streamwise oscillation wall are simulated under the condition of varied oscillating parameters. By scrupulous data processing, some significative results such as the velocity distribution, the density distribution, the potential energy curves of the flow field and the frictional force of the wall are obtained. Secondly, the mechanism how the wall oscillation brings about change to the frictional drag at liquid-solid interface is investigated. And the results indicate that the frictional drag can be reduced significantly by applying appropriate streamwise oscillation to the solid wall. The drag reduction rate mainly depends on the oscillation parameters. In addition, the decrease in the fluid's density near the wall is another important reason behind the frictional drag reduction.

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