Structural Analysis of Graphene and h-BN: A Molecular Dynamics Approach

S Thomas and KM Ajith and MC Valsakumar, INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CONDENSED MATTER AND APPLIED PHYSICS (ICC 2015), 1728, 020608 (2016).

DOI: 10.1063/1.4946659

Classical molecular dynamics simulation is employed to analyze pair correlations in graphene and h-BN at various temperatures to explore the integrity of their respective structures. As the temperature increases, the height fluctuations in the out-of-plane direction of both graphene and h-BN arc found to increase. The positional spread of atoms also increases with temperature. Thus the amplitude of the peak positions in the radial distribution function (RDF) decreases with temperature. It is found that FWHM of peaks in the RDF of h-BN is smaller as compared to those of graphene which implies that the structure of h-BN is more robust as compared to that of graphene with respect to their respective empirical potential.

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